Silipin Ang Buhay Ngayon Nina Vic Sotto At Pauleen Luna Sa Laguna

The contemporary house of celebrity couple Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto is located in Laguna and was build when they are still preparing for their wedding. Pauleen was in charge of decorating the house. Pauleen even goes to the depot store just to personally pick the materials to ensure that all of it was her personal choice and doesn’t have any damage. Pauleen admitted that she had a hard time during the construction of the house but she is more than happy to see the beautiful outcome of their dream house. With the help of professional designers and architects, Pauleen able to achieve a beautiful home. The construction was done in one year and a half.

Pauleen and Vic said that they don’t want to rush the construction as they don’t want to go anything wrong in the house. The house has a mixture of Asian, tropical, and modern design. It is filled with glass that you could already see renowned art collection inside. Even though Pauleen was in charge of the house’s construction, Vic still made sure that the house has plants and paintings in every area.


The house is located in a posh village in Laguna. Passersby can already see the beauty and elegance of the inside of the house. It has no gates but it has tall plants outside.


The house has a high ceiling which makes it look airy and bigger. Natural lights enter the house as it is surrounded by big windows. The house also looks very clean and cozy, just like what Vic requested. You could already see several paints from Arturo Luz hangs in the foyer’s wall. According to some reports, Vic owns over thirty paintings made by the said artist and some of them are considered precious pieces.


Living Area

Their architects advised them to not choose a solid modern them as it can only make the house look dull and boring. That’s why the couple chooses to go for a contemporary theme with a mixture of other attractions which adds up to the homey vibe of the house.

The living room has a big chocolate leather couch which is really perfect when the couple wanted to relax or watch TV. Just like other parts of the house, the living room also has a painting, but this time it was made by Atanacio Peferanda Austria. Aside from the natural light coming from the windows, the stainless steel floor lamp by Super Archimoon also gives light to the living room. The area also has a coffee table on the side which is made by the furniture designer named Vito Selma.

Aside from the television, the area also has an entertainment console that holds the awards of the couple. The console table was bought by the couple from Urban Italia.

Dining Area

This area is accessible from any part of the house as it has 3 sets of sliding glass doors. It has an elegant lighting piece that the couple bought from Keystone. The dining area also has a minimal decor that adds up to its coziness and homey feel.


The dining table is customized by a local furniture manufacturer and made from Narra. The dining table is a combination of over 3 small tables to make it bigger. Meanwhile, the elegant dining chairs were bought from Crate & Barrel.

Paulina Sotto’s works are displayed in the dining area. She is the daughter of Vic Sotto and granddaughter of Arturo Luz. She is currently pursuing her passion for painting.


The kitchen area is big and spacious. It has a kitchen island, a cabinet, and several drawers. There is a sliding glass door in the area which is the way to the foyer and lanai area of the house. The couple usually having their breakfast on the 6-seater dining table in the kitchen as they can comfortably eat while watching TV. The area also filled with modern appliances. The couple has a cook who prepares the meal whenever Pauleen can’t cook because of her busy schedules.



A painting made by Paulina Sotto hangs in the walls of the bathroom. The house has two bathrooms. The big bathroom is located on the ground floor of the house. It has a tufted bench and scented candles which adds up to the relaxing feel of this area.

Meanwhile, the second bathroom is located on the 2nd floor of the house. It is really huge and spacious. It has a shower area and a wide counter.


The staircase alone is already classy and elegant. The right side of the staircase is the 3 other rooms in the house while the left side is the master bedroom. There are some religious icons near the sliding glass doors which leads to the veranda of the house.



The couple decided to put extra bedrooms in the house for their future children. But as of now, they allow their visitors and guests to sleep in the extra rooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. It also has a side table and a huge and comfortable bed.



The swimming pool and golf course are located on the veranda of the house. This relaxing and peaceful area can be accessed through the master bedroom and the second floor.

What can you say about this? Do you like the style and design of their house? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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