Tingnan Ang French-Medditeranian Mansion Ni John Lloyd Cruz

The so-called lady’s man is where so many female fans have imagined and fantasizing about this actor. In his visitors. acting skills, he has played many roles in movies and television. Aside from his net worth, it seems that almost all of his talent will certainly the fans will be excited. He is in great demand in the world of showbiz because of his blockbuster films. Here is none other than John Lloyd Cruz.

John Lloyd started acting in teen drama until his career prosper as he grew older. As we recall, he was previously in the telenovela I love Betty La Fea with his fiancée and Bea Allonzo. In addition, he also has Teleseryes such as It might be you, Home sweetie home, Maging Sino Ka Man, and Immortal. On social media, Bea’s film One More Chance became popular, with Memes starring Popoy and Basha.

It has resulted in John’s hard work to prosper his career especially as one of the top actors in the Philippines. Besides fame and money, the veteran actor here owns a French – Mediterranean themed mansion located in Antipolo City. It turns out that his properties are complete but he just added what the decoration he wanted.

In addition, it was reported that his mansion was huge; measuring 1100 square meters and inside, there are eight 8 square meter guest houses for his visitors. The guest house also has its own bathroom, bed, living room, and dining area with the kitchen.

In an interview with the actor, he wanted to make the house feel more American but ultimately chose the French-Mediterranean design as much as the houses in Los Angeles. It is better for John Lloyd is that he is satisfied with his house because it is very comfortable. For him, his mansion was less than ideal and it wasn’t ideal for him to think about but it was the right home for him.

When we look at his house, it is almost like a cathedral with a beautiful ceiling other than a large one. In addition, the dining area features an outdoor pool and a garden; a diner made of narra and seating capacity for ten people. Because of this, you will truly feel the luxury.

One of the most sophisticated places in John Lloyd’s house is his bedroom, which is under the stairs. It is estimated that P75,000 is spent here and for the extended flush alone, it is worth P35,000.

The fridge is based on what Americans use or the cooking shows that come to mind. There is also a pond and a large pool wherein the pond, koi fish are unique.

There are right saying that when you are hardworking and devoted to your work, you will succeed and prosper.

What can you say about his mansion? Do you want to see it personally or satisfied with just seeing online? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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