Silipin Ang Napakagandang Glass House Ni Derek

Palawan is indeed one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. It is a perfect place for those people who wanted to go away from the noisy life in the city for a while. It is also a place where people can get the relaxation that they wanted after long months of exhausting work. Just seeing the crystal clear water and greeneries in this place can already give you a feeling of peace and calm.

So, there’s no wonder why Derek Ramsay and his family choose to build their glasshouse in this place. The family fell in love with the beauty of Palawan that they have two islands here and even built a beach house. Ramsay family’s beautiful and elegant glasshouse was built in the year 2003 and is located in the town of San Vincente, Palawan. Derek and his mother, Mommy Medly worked in finishing the interiors while Derek’s dad was the one in charge of the structural design of the house. It is a perfect getaway where the family and guests can relax and see the wonderful view of the island.


You could already see that the glass beach house is airy and spacious by just looking to it from afar. Derek said that they didn’t choose a concrete house because that is what’s already the design of their house in Manila. According to the actor, they choose to build a beach glasshouse as they wanted to get away from Manila fell whenever they will have a vacation. They wanted the house to be homey with a feel of the beach.

Instead of using the glass door, Derek’s dad chooses to use steel doors with tempered glass in the house which he bought from Australia. Meanwhile, Derek and his mom were the ones in charge of choosing the art pieces and furniture that will use in the house. There have umbrella accents in the outdoor area of the house which they bought from Bali. Derek and his mom really worked hard to achieve the Asian feel in the house but with a beach twist. The elegant glasshouse has six bedrooms.

Living Room

You will feel the Asian vibe once inside the living room. The sofa came from an Italian brand in which the family decided to placed it where they can have a view of the beach. There is a wooden seating piece on the side designed by the mother of Derek. The lamp is designed by Kenneth Cobonpue of the Limbo Acrobat which adds up to the elegance of the house. The Tibet temple drums add to the Asian feel of the house where the actor bought it from an antique shop in Bacolod. Above the seating pieces is the set of convex mirrors which is by Ito Kish. The black Georgia chair is also designed by Ito Kish.


Another Ito Kish creation in the house is the Basilisa lounge and above it is a Dear Bella painting by May Penaflorida hangs on the wall. Other works of Mayi are displayed beneath the elegant console displayed in one corner of the area.

Dining & Kitchen Area

Derek’s mom was the one in charge of choosing the furniture in the dining area. The dining chairs came from Cebu.


Meanwhile, Derek was the one who chooses the furniture in the kitchen. The Varenna kitchen system was bought from Poliform. The chiller stands in one corner of the area where it holds different bottles of wine. On the other side of the kitchen, different types of teacups, glasses, and alcoholic drinks can be found. According to Derek, the kitchen is still not fully finished.

Derek’s Bedroom

His bedroom is very big and spacious. It is filled with various pieces designed by Ito Kish and Kenneth Cobonpue. The Yin and Yang bed make the room look brighter and elegant. The Concesa cabinet in the area is designed by Ito Kish while the entertainment console and Little People hanging lamp are designed by Cobonpue. The artwork hangs on his wall completes the look of the room.

He has his own bathroom in his room. It is only simple and dominated by red color. The tiles used in the area are similar to the ones you will see in resorts. There are several artworks and other design pieces in the area that adds up to its elegant looks.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is already stunning even though it is not fully complete. According to Mommy Mel, she still needed to add a rug in the area. There is a striped sofa, chandelier, and four-posted bed from Bali in the area which adds to the whimsical feel of the room.

Sister’s Bedroom

This is surrounded by yellow and green color which make it has a country vibe. This is the bedroom of Natala, the youngest sister of Derek. It has a cozy bed and an elegant chandelier. Instead of putting a big chair in the area, the family decided to put a pale green storage ottoman. There is a small vanity in the area which adds to the coziness of the room.

What can you say about this? Are you amazed by his stunning Glass House? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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