Silipin Niyo Ang Sobrang Gandang Kwarto Nina Heart Evangelista At Chiz Escudero

It is known to the people that being celebrities received good income and compensations from their profession. Because of their fabulous jobs, a husband and wife having effort and discipline are enabling them to have an astounding mansion, purchased extravagant clothes and shoes and established their own business as well and of course, they can make their room interior fabulous with luxury furniture and appliances they want.

The famous actress, television host and commercial model and the wife of the famous politician Heart Evangelista are not exempted to the kind richness and always a luxurious lifestyle of celebrities especially included in the list. Heart Evangelista is popular to be very dedicated to her skills and talents as an actress. She is also creative and entitled in life. She is very particular about her style and does not dismay in trend settings either in fashion or in painting as her hobby. Because of her success in the showbiz industry and her unwavering love for art, it is not surprising that even the interior decorations of their bedroom are also filled with a class of style and worth.

As proof to Heart Evangelista’s wonderful lifestyle is the video that she posted in one of her Instagram stories. She highlighted in her Instagram stories what to be seen in their master bedroom. At the midst of the room is a huge bed with four frames, which is excellent for a couple on their lovemaking.

The frame seems like those seen used by princesses on the small screen and big screen.
What that makes them the center of attraction is the clean white bedsheet which builds the minimalist-stylist touch. In the same video, it is also highlighted that Heart happily sits on the mattress together with her pet dogs.

The couple was also spotted happily together bonded by love. Therefore, checking how much the worth of the materials and decoration of the bedroom showcase, there were netizens who told that Heart is a gold digger implying that her husband has given the kind of princess lifestyle she had presently.

There were also netizens pointed out that Heart is rich, since before she was born because her parents are known to be a businessman. And it is not hidden to us that she is an actress, model, painter, and trendsetter. It is a good thing to know that the couple is both having a good life and wealth before they were married and each of them is hard working.

However, the netizens various comments, that Heart luxurious room design is proof that one can fulfill their dreams and comfort in life because of their hard works.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the artistic style of the rooms of the celebrity couple? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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