Sunshine Cruz Sinupalpal Si Chuckie Dreyfus Dahil Sa Sinabi Nito

Sunshine Cruz rebuked Chuckie Dreyfus after the revelation on his guesting on “Eat Bulaga”. The actress has fought back the alleged revelation of her former fellow celebrities on “That’s Entertainment”.

She denied that Chuckie had been in relationships with her for several months. She insisted that Cesar Montano was her first boyfriend as she had previously stated in interviews.

Sunshine Cruz slammed Chuckie Dreyfus after regarding the revelation about her after guesting on Eat Bulaga in its segment episode ‘Bawal Judgmental’.

The veteran actress denied the alleged revelation by her former fellow celebrities in the Kapuso network show “That’s Entertainment”. She and Chuckie denied that they had been dating for 6-7 months.

This was the response of Sunshine Crus towards the revelation of Chuckie Dreyfus.

“In a time when our country is battling a very difficult crisis, nakisali ka pa sa gumagawa ng fake news that’s not going to be of any help at all. ‍Watch this family and friends! Nawindang ako!”

Sunshine explained that she was very young when she first joined “That’s Entertainment” and that she had no plans to make a relationship because she wanted to help her family first.

“I am being bombarded since yesterday by people. I was 14-15 years old when I joined That’s Entertaiment. Batang-bata! Meaning wala akong balak makipag relasyon dahil ang gusto ko makakuha ng break at makatulong sa pamilya ko.”

The actress strongly denied that they had a relationship. She also questioned why she and Jessa Zarragoza was mentioned by Chuckie.

“There was no US! Lalong wala akong inilaan na 6-7 months para sayo. Sabi mo nga hindi mo na matandaan. Ano ba talaga? Baka naman ibang tao ang tinutukoy mo? 10 naman pala ang naging gf mo so bakit kami pa ni Jessa na hindi mo din naman pala naging gf ang binanggit mo?”

As she clarified, Cesar Montano was her first boyfriend.

“For the record, my ex husband was and will always be my first bf. Wag na mag claim ang iba dyan. Tanda na natin. Sana nakuha mo gusto mong atensyon sa ginawa mo. Diosmio”

What can you say about this? Do you believe that Cesar Montano was her first boyfriend? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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