Nakatanggap Ng 40k Pesos Ang Tapat Na Taxi Driver Na Ito Matapos Niyang Ibalik Ang Bag Ng Isang Koreano

Honesty is the best policy. This is the famous phrase that every people should remember whenever they found anything that was not their own. Surely, being honest will makes you blessed in your life especially when you applied it in your life.

A big reward was taken home by an honest taxi driver from a Korean national. The foreign passenger does not doubt the driver to share and give a reward amounting to Php 40,000 who returns his bag containing money and passport.

Idol Raffy Tulfo also thanked the “generous” Korean who was going home to South Korea and praised and proud of the Pinoy driver who returns his bag.

The honest taxi driver Lino Beruico fully returned the luggage of one of his Korean passengers who ride in his taxi.

In the TV5 office, Beruico surrendered the bag with an amount of Php 200,000 and valuable items including passport and returned to the Korean national Yeong Seon Cho, 67-year-old from South Korea.

Beruico positively identified Cho who had left the bag in his taxi. He said that when he delivered the foreigner, he brought home his bag at home when he saw that he had a huge amount of money inside it.

Cho is grateful to Beruico for returning his bag with just some important things to him. So in return, he gave it 20 percent of the Php 200,000 he returned or worth Php 40,000.

The taxi driver was crying because of happiness and thanked Cho. It is a blessing to him because he really needs money to pay for his home rental.

Nevertheless, it is proud to know that despite his intense need for money he did not go over the very large amount left in his taxi.

Raffy Tulfo was proud of this and called it a hero who was also approved by the foreigner. As being fellow Filipino we are proud of what the honest taxi driver Lino Beruico had done.

What can you say about this? Are you willing to return such amount of money without expecting any rewards from the real owner? Are you honest when you have found something owned by another person and have the guts to return it in spite of a huge amount of money? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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