Tingnan ang napakagandang bahay ni Heart Evangelista sa Quezon City

Heart Evangelista or Love Marie Payawl Ongpauco-Escudero in real life is one of the most popular personalities and online influencers in the country. Aside from her pretty face, she is also a kind-hearted person who is always willing to give help in the best that she could do.

Heart is now making her name in the fashion world and YouTube. She already garnered over 1.66 million on her YouTube channel. We can really see how kind-hearted person Heart is, especially during this pandemic, as she is giving help to her fellowmen who are affected by the ongoing crisis in the country.

Today, we will have a tour of her elegant and classy townhouse in Quezon City.

Heart managed to live alone and take care of herself at the age of 29. She said that she realized a lot of things about herself and she became more independent.

The 35-year-old actress said,

“Malaki ang mga pinagbago ko talag, sobra.”

Heart is the one who styles and designed her own house which reflects her independence and maturity.

Living Area

The spacious area has glass tops and all furniture in the area was covered with textured fabric which adds up to the chick and elegant look of her house.


The kitchen area was filled with white color which makes it look more ordered and cleaner.


The bedroom area has a homey and relaxing vibe because of its neutral colors that complement the furniture. The ceiling is painted blue with a sky-and-clouds design.


The bathroom area looks so classy and it reflects how she turned into a woman.

Study and work area

Her study and workroom have a combination of color palettes and colorful accessories that makes the area looks brighter.

Walk-in Closet


The walk-in closet is painted white and pink stripes that make it look more girly.

Storage Area


This is the place where the actress usually puts her accessories.

Outdoor Nook

This is the place where Heart often does her painting. What makes this area an ideal workspace for artists is that it has smart storage solutions in the side where Heart puts all of her art supplies, there is also a natural light entering in, and a spacious layout.

What can you say about this? do you like the interior design of her house? Do you want to have a kind of house in the future? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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