Isang Lalaki Ang Nag-trending Matapos Makitang Bumibili Ng Napkin Sa Isang Convenience Store

It is not common for men to see them buying sanitary pads or napkins because we all know where and with whom they are used. Some may be simply amazed or down-to-earth because men are rarely requested to buy or carry such women’s items.

Netizen E-v Delmundo posted a picture in her Facebook post of a man with very masculine features, many tattoos on his body who had been buying a sanitary napkin at a convenience store while queuing to pay for it.

Delmundo added in her funny caption,

‘Yung pa’astig astig kang tignan, tapos uutusan ka lang ng asawa mo na bumili ng napkin niya.’

It would appear that the man was hiding in the back and still holding the sanitary pads with the money for the payment of the items he buys.

Netizens have entertained regarding this post and have even given their opinion on it. Here are some of their comments.

“Yan ang totoong lalaki.”


“That’s Awesome…Astig!!! The coolest part to did that!!!”

“Pngmamalaki k anak k..khit n my tattoo cya mabait s magulng at kptid..loveu anak”

“Pre kapag naging brand ambassador ka ng Modess wag mo kami kalimutan ha?”

The man looked very masculine and requested him to buy something like this. And for women, that means a lot. He proved that he loved the woman he was buying for because he looked so funny to other people.

After all, it doesn’t really matter if you are a man who can able to buy it, especially if your wife or girlfriend really needs it and nothing else can buy for them. It does not decrease your manhood or being a husband when you are requested to buy a sanitary napkin.

Presently the viral photos, reached 46k shares, 16k reactions, and 84 comments.

What can you say about this? As a man, will you obey your wife or girlfriend to buy this item for them? kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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