Hindi Iniwanan Ng Amo Ang Kanilang Alagang Aso At Muning Sa Paglipat Nila Ng Bahay

There are people who only rent a house so if they think of moving somewhere else they will have to pack all their belongings. This is difficult to imagine because you pack all your belongings and make sure you have nothing left.

Some pet owners sometimes give it away to their friends or neighbors or leave it because they have difficulty traveling.

But a Facebook post shared by Nits Javier on the ‘Guardians of the Fur’ page went viral as a small jeep caught sight of home appliances that seemed to move into the new house. but more noticeable were the pet dogs and cats that were attached and included in the transfer.

Her post captioned.

“Naglipat bahay… walang iwanan, sama lahat.”

And because the vehicle was full, the pets were put in a cage. But they do make sure they are safe and comfortable even when hanging.

Pets are even housed in a pet cage carefully. Dogs are placed in sacks with their heads up outside so they will not slip or jump as the vehicle travels to their destination.

Netizens, in turn, praised the owner of this house for taking care of their pets and not abandoning it. Here are some comments of netizens.

“Buti nga yan sinama lahat di tulad ng iba pag lipat hindi isinama.”

“Happy ako sa effort niya kahit ganyan lang yan at least walang naiwan.”

“Kawawa mga aso pero i’m so happy na dinala nilang lahat mga pets nila.’

There are some netizens who disagree and are not pleased with the animals’ placement in the vehicle. But some feel that it is more important for them to be included than to be aband0ned.


What can you say about this? Do you admire the pet owner who brings all his pets? Are you happy about how the pets were handled? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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