Xander Ford, Pinatulfo Ng Kanyang Dating Kasintahan

Marlou Arizala or popularly known as Xander Ford once again created a buzz online after his former girlfriend speak up about her bitter experienced when she and Xander were still together.

After her post went viral online, Ysah Cabrejas, the ex-girlfriend of Xander immediately seek help to Raffy Tulfo in Action, so as to bring justice to the alleged physical abu’s3s committed against her by Xander.

She also recalls how Xander would hurt her whenever she was declining to have intercourse with him. There are even times that Xander would hold her hands just so he could do to Ysah his desire.

Idol Raffy then stated that if a woman does not want to have intercourse, husbands, live-in partners, and boyfriends can be charged with rape. Idol Raffy also said that he would do everything that he could to give Ysah a justice that she deserves.

The veteran journalist also helped Ysah to ask a medical certificate so that the proper case can be filed against Xander.

On the other hand, Idol Raffy can’t still communicate with Xander as the latter is declining his call.

Meanwhile, many netizens showed support to Ysah and expressed their rage over Xander for being such an @bu’s!ve boyfriend. Netizens were also happy to see that Ysah is now slowly getting the justice that she deserves. They were also hoping that Xander will be imprisoned because what he did is never right. He should also pay for all the damages and traumatic experiences that he gave to his former girlfriend.

Prior to this, the Facebook post of Ysah went viral online where she shared a screenshot of their conversation and a photo of her with a wound in some parts of her body.

What can you say about this? Do you believe the allegations against Xander Ford? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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